Jobs APIs
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    AI Chalet Intro

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    Drawing and Notes App

    Use this AI Chalet to draw, take notes for yourself or share with any group you like. Use on a desktop or any mobile device.
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    Custom Form Builder

    AI Chalet to build custom forms. You can copy and paste the code. Use by yourself or in any group you create or join.
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    Task Kanban App

    Use this AI Chalet to organize your tasks alone or with any group you create. You can drag and drop your way to productivity.
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    AI Chalet - Winterfell

    Create projects and automatically track and notify me of status changes of any project. Use alone or with groups.
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    AI Ad Server Chalet

    Manage in the cloud, get extra leads, extra advance management system, and extra payments.
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    AI Application Devel...

    Everyone can shares their view of what's going on to, manage, allocate and retain their team members.
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    AI Data Entry Chalet

    Bring your database to life with dynamic profiles that update with every interaction, distribute and provides real-time reports.
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    Hotel Garni Trifthof

    AI Chalet interactive solution with features for live-data capture equipment rental, & job management tailored to fit your business needs, not the other way around.
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