Has Parts
Words that are parts of the original word.
Sample: {2 items "word":"building" "hasParts":[56 items 0:"house painting" 1:"shingling" 2:"roofing" 3:"masonry" 4:"sheet-metal work" 5:"plumbing" 6:"plumbery" 7:"painting" 8:"extension" 9:"exterior door" 10:"roof" 11:"story" 12:"wing" 13:"storey" 14:"staircase" 15:"floor" 16:"foundation stone" 17:"foyer" 18:"frame" 19:"nook" 20:"quoin" 21:"window" 22:"room" 23:"skeletal frame" 24:"wall" 25:"skeleton" 26:"shaft" 27:"outside door" 28:"interior door" 29:"hall" 30:"stairway" 31:"level" 32:"annexe" 33:"corner" 34:"cornerstone" 35:"court" 36:"courtyard" 37:"crawl space" 38:"crawlspace" 39:"vestibule" 40:"upstairs" 41:"underframe" 42:"cullis" 43:"annex" 44:"scantling" 45:"lift" 46:"heat" 47:"lobby" 48:"heating" 49:"heating plant" 50:"elevator" 51:"entrance hall" 52:"heating system" 53:"antechamber" 54:"stud" 55:"anteroom" ] }
Required Parameters word STRING building REQUIRED Try "building".