The world of
Software Development
Entirely Re-defined

Get Ready to witness the future of software development

AI Chalet

Software solutions for all
your bussiness needs, Fully created
by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine

Quick Execution

Our AI Engine is simply, the fastest software creation tool across the whole software development industry.

Fastest servers

The generated software is stored and running on top of the line servers, to ensure maximum performance.

 Most Professional

Software is generated with Enterprise level User interface, So that it efortlessly steal the lights from your competitors

Top of the line

Ai Chalet Expert software developers are constantly updating the Ai Engine knowledge base, so you can rest assured that your software is packed with latest, top of the line technologies


With a team of security experts working around the hour to update our security protocols, your data can never be more secure.


Your Software is created without a single person intervening in the process, saving you the noise of finding a developer, renting a hosting server and most importantly, avoiding human errors

It's a new world, new capabilities and it's simply outstanding to discover how Artificial intelligence can be so capable of developing perfect software applications, rivaling the skills of the most expert software developers out there

Daniel Albert, a satisfied Ai Chalet customer


How it Works ?

From a very wide variety

Choose your software type

Wheteher you are building a custom calendar, event planner, special phone-book, KPI tracker, appointment manager, mailing system, analysis generator or even a whole CMS(content management system) you will definitely find what you're looking for.

With the help of our system

Specify the job of each element

We 'll let you do the planning, and our system will do the coding, just specify the job of each of the elements in your application, whether it is going to send a mail, fetch certain data from your database, analyse a spreadsheet or generate a report. Just specify and enjoy the magic.

Sit back and relax

All is Done

All you need to do right now, is sit back and relax and let the magic happen. Within an unbelievably short amount of time we'll send you an E-mail confirming that your software is created, and give you full instructions on how to access it. Just Enjoy.

Top of the line

Perfect Software

Tailor your software to your exact needs, implement the finest details,
the most special concepts, the most complicated formulas and calculations,
and just sit back and relax till your software is being generated by our engine.


The simplest tools

You need absolutely zero technical knowledge to build your custom
Software with AI Chalet.
Our User interface and tools are designed to be the most simple, intuitive and easy to use tools. So that you will have no trouble building your perfect software


Customer Service

Wheteher you need to know more about our services,
want help creating your software or have a technical problem,
Our dedicated customer satisfaction team is here to help you 24/7/365
Just open the chat and a personal assistant will assist you untill you are entirely satisfied.

Refine your work-flow

Reach new Horizons with your business

Having a software tool that helps you in your daily life and work, can greatly boost your bussiness performance, impress your co-workers and help you deliver the best quality to your customers.
The prossibilities are countless, just start creating.


How much does this cost ?

First 30 Days Free

No Credit Card Required

All AI Chalet applications are free for the first 30 days!

Free for 10 or more users

All AI Chalet applications are free for 10 or more users.

No credit card required!

Small cost for 1 to 9 users

Applications with 1 to 9 users pay a fee.

Fee is only payable after 30 days. No credit card required until after 30 days of use. For less than 10 users the cost is on a sliding scale: 1 user - $20 per month, 2 users $18 per month, ..., 9 users $2 per month. Cost for less than 10 users is per application not per use - 9 users means a total of $2 per month not $2 per month for each user.

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