Get station codes and also get PNR status of indian railways using this easy , this is developed for educational purposes only and we are not affiliated to indian railways in any form and this is not an official api also.
Just give 10-digit pnr number and get the status.
Sample Data: {5 items "pnr":"1234567890" "journeyDetails":{8 items "trainNumber":"22629" "trainName":"DADAR TEN EXP" "boardingDate":"2-5-2014" "from":"DR" "to":"KKW" "reservedUpto":"KKW" "boardingPoint":"DR" "class":"SL" }
Required Parameters pnr NUMBER 1234567890 REQUIRED PNR number for which query need to be carried out.
Get station codes from the station name.
Sample Data: {1 item "stations":[10 items 0:{...}
Required Parameters station STRING delhi REQUIRED Name of the station for which station codes to be pulled.